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6 step facial rejuvenation

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6 step facial rejuvenation

Today there is a revolution against aging in healthcare and you will be the main beneficiary. Somewhere in the field of anti-aging medicine, the technology is exciting, more relevant, and you can easily get it for instant application and benefit compared to the facial rejuvenation industry. Very exciting and effective innovations that are new non-surgical methods for facial restoration. Yes, I said non-surgical and I said cash.

How can we change from that shiny 16-year-old with smooth shiny skin? 40 Her mother began to look back in the mirror, with 65-year-old eyes, puffy, bumpy lower eyelids, and folds of skin hanging under her chin. We need to review, understand, identify, and take action to address these obvious changes.

Changes in skin texture (external problems)

Aging of dry skin on the face compared to baby’s skin. More than half of the natural agent’s hyaluronic acid we lose at age 50 and can’t replace HA by taking a pill or applying it to your epidermis. Lack of hormonal support during menopause accelerates this change. Dry skin loses its luminosity, looks dull and is almost gray. Pore-sized, rough, wrinkled skin grows.

Uneven pigmentation, brown spots, and red spots (pigment and arteries)

Uneven pigmentation and overdevelopment of the arteries are characteristic of aging facial skin. These scars are protective and respond to inflammation of the epidermis, which is exposed to ultraviolet light by sunlight and spreads for many years through injuries caused by free radicals released by harmful agents in our environment and food. .

Fine lines and wrinkles

Fine scratches and lines and wrinkles are classic indications of facial aging. There are constant wrinkles on the outer skin when the actual face is at rest. The damage causes these collagen wrinkles in the very deep layers of your skin.

Collagen is destroyed by sunlight by radicals that do not have UV light and other sources. When collagen disappears, the volume under the skin is lost and the skin becomes wrinkled. Grapes wrinkle after drying to make raisins is not like the original shapes.

The dynamic wrinkles that are seen as soon as the face is shaken: cold lines, laugh lines, stress lines and crow’s feet. These lines are actually caused by pulling the facial muscles under the skin below the face. Dynamic lines and wrinkles become permanent wrinkles by repeatedly pulling through the muscles of the face after many years.

Deep folds

The lines around the mouth are called the nasal-lobial fold line and the puppet lines. These lines are different from wrinkles in that they combine freely due to the combination of pulling of facial muscles and skin. The skin loosens and falls on the line created by pulling on the facial muscles, for example the smile line as the face ages.

Loose epidermis

Your skin attached to the face loses elasticity and becomes loose. The cheek failed and created a loose skin on the jaw called the jaw. Her skin also hangs below the jaw of her throat, a phenomenon called a turkey.

The meaning of revival is to transform youth or youth again or to restore them to a new standard or state. True facial rejuvenation requires correcting all previous facial aging changes to keep the face younger or younger or restore its original condition. A 6-step program to address all the changes of aging without surgery.

What is facial revival?

The meaning of revival is to transform youth or youth again or to restore them to a new standard or state. True facial rejuvenation requires correcting all previous facial aging changes to keep the face younger or younger or restore its original condition. A 6-step program to address all the changes of aging without surgery.

 6 step facial rejuvenation
Close-up of young woman wearing facial mask

The 6 step facial rejuvenation consists of the following 6 steps:

  • 1. Waxing of ation
  • 2. Stimulation of the development of new collagen.
  • 3. Irregular extraction of blood vessels and pigments.
  • 4. Relaxation of facial expressions.
  • 5. Fill the deep lines up
  • 6. Tightening the skin

6 step facial rejuvenation

Stage 1- exfoliation

I start all my clients salicylic with topical exfoliating creams and microdermabrasion or exfoliation routine with glycolic or acid-free chemical peels. The following shells are not idle procedures, it leaves the office a little pink but with a refreshing glow.

Use Exfoliating creams are retin A or tazarotine, but I personally use vitamin C externally for clients with painful and sensitive epidermis.

For clients who get older, I use a useless form of exfoliation called microloserpeel. This procedure is more profound than microdermabrasion and is more effective, but the office where it works to bring redness and skin takes 4-6 times to normalize.

It is definitely an excellent laser rejuvenation, it is very deep and requires several weeks of recovery. Microleaser Peel does not lighten skin like laser rejuvenation or leave boundary lines. Most doctors use deep chemical peels with TCA, but I like the microlazer peel because of its reliability and precision.

Stage 2: stimulates the growth of new collagen

This is a very important step to remove stubborn facial wrinkles and fine lines after deep peeling deposit. This step is also very laborious and requires consistency on your part. There is definitely no faster way to remove visible non-surgical facial wrinkles.

Laser reconstruction can remove facial wrinkles quickly, but it is not acceptable for most of us to redesign a laser procedure that involves surgically extended data recovery and downtime surgery.

The aforementioned topical ointments and the new collagen-producing exfoliation reservoir require additional stimulation. Many new IPL and radio frequency machines laser stimulate your skin to form new collagen in the deeper layers without damaging the skin area.

These techniques are called non-ablative, which means they don’t remove skin cells in the area like they do in laser rejuvenation, which is an ablative technique. Consequently, these ablation techniques are not downtime procedures, which means they will redden after healing, but will quickly recover in a matter of hours.

You will find non-ablative stimulating machinery markings on the structure called photorejuvenation. I call it lasergenesis because it is easy, painless and effective.

IPL is also effective and very useful in patients with abnormal pigmentation and blood, but IPL is more powerful, the skin is associated with the machine, and its use can be used with caution by any trained and educated person.

Collagen stimulation is a long process. You need at least 5-7 treatments and 5-7 months to see the effective results, less wrinkles, a benefit that you can see in the mirror. But, it took 30-40 years for those lines and wrinkles to form, so it’s best to remove them within 7 months without surgery and without shortening the time.

Stage 3- Elimination of pigments and abnormal arteries.

Creams and exfoliation reservoir can remove many beige spots, while the laser and IPL used in the second step remove small vessels, a more aggressive treatment to remove dark pigment and brown spots and large vessels. There are many non-ablative lasers available to remove pigment and blood vessels.

Although these lasers are not ablative, they keep the red mark visible for a day or two and are easily covered with makeup. Today I have been using a laser called Versapuls for many years, which works very well, but the new Versace lasers are very expensive and rarely manufactured. A new laser called Coolglide called is very effective for large arteries. Today, IPL is the option for mixed pigments and small blood vessels, which look as red as rosacea.

The above treatments are effective and the responses will appear in six weeks. 2 or 3 remedies are often needed.

Stage 4 – relaxation on facial expression

Botox is a revolutionary drug that removes dynamic new lines and wrinkles caused by facial muscles. Angry lines, crow’s feet, and bunny lines can be reduced or eliminated by Botox injection. Lips lines and wrinkles can also be reduced with Botox, but small amounts can be used, otherwise the lips will weaken.

There are several “peptides”, the newest of which is Acetyl 3 Hexapeptide, which has been reported to have a Botox-like effect in reducing fine lines when applied topically as a cream. Eventually these agents will be perfect, more effective, and Botox injections will work.

 6 step facial rejuvenation
6 step facial rejuvenation

Stage 5- Fills deep lines and wrinkles and texture defects

Smooth muscle fillers, such as Radissse, Restylane®, Your Fat, and other fillers, are inserted into the skin below the deep line, leaving the face plump and smoothing the line. They can also be used to thicken the aged lip to fill facial deformities due to facial aging.

These fillers are temporary and should be doubled every 6 to 12 months. Fat injections last longer and do not need to be duplicated if done correctly. However, please note that companion methods are camouflage, not correction.

Stage 6- Tighten the skin.

Skin tightening is an essential part of any face rejuvenation process. Before last year or two, facelifts were the only option to tighten facial skin. However, newer technologies such as infrared and the power of the 1319/1064 wavelength laser are showing better results as non-surgical epidermal fixation techniques.

Two of these methods, a thermos that uses radio frequency energy and an infrared device called Titan have been used for 2 years and the results are improving. These methods are not facelifts, they are often marketed as non-surgical, so don’t be fooled.

They can tighten the epidermis, since it is present in 30% of properly selected patients. There are problems with the thermos with depressions in certain areas of the skin, facial knowledge and experience with these machines is very important.

Another non-surgical rejuvenation of facial skin tightening requires multiple treatments and takes time to see the end result, often up to 5 months.

Skin Tightening As with other previous laser and photographic techniques, it generally takes 5 to 6 months to see your result, which can be accomplished by rebuilding the deeper layers of the skin and stimulating the formation of new collagen. .

Non-surgical epidermal stretching may begin in very young patients with a loose neck, along the jaw line, and skin on the cheek. Older patients with severe sagging face may improve, but the results are less impressive.

The 6 Step Facial Rejuvenation Program is a very carefully structured technique to use newer revolutionary techniques to achieve effective non-surgical resuscitation.

This program takes time, but the results are visible and realistic after 7 months, at the same time that most people invest in the use of creams and diets and then the difference is not visible inside their face. Do you remember that you took eternity face to face, realizing that this damage could be reversed overnight?

Non-surgical faceless rejuvenation is expensive. These new technologies are expensive and you should seek treatment from a qualified physician. However, with the six-step program you get what you pay for, facial rejuvenation without the risk, discomfort, and expense of surgery.

If you save the full cost of your skin creams, facials, fad diets, and spa visits and this money for a 6 step facial rejuvenation , you’re close to bearing the cost. The 6-step program provides better and more effective results and saves money for those of you who have already had facial rejuvenation treatments in the doctor’s office.

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