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Best Natural Herbs as medications

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Best Natural Herbs as medications

Natural herbs or herbs Medicinal plants have long been battling this disease. In traditional Chinese medicine, for example, the written history of herbal medicine is over 2,000 years old, and in Western countries herbs are being bought as “herbs” to solve our problems. We all know the properties of garlic, chamomile, mint and lavender, as well as other famous herbs.

Her interest in medicinal herbs is growing again, and the interest is mainly focused on the pharmaceutical industry, which is constantly looking for “new drugs” and more effective ingredients for the treatment of diseases, so -no or some drugs may be available.

Best Natural Herbs as medications
Best Natural Herbs as medications

Considering the long-standing traditional use of herbal supplements, excellent human anatomy proves their effectiveness, as opposed to the various synthetic versions of natural herbs called herbs, ideas, we usually do not talk about the causes of traditional natural medicine. What about investing large sums in these strange things?

When it comes to ancient states and spices, spices are a treasure, and many of the so-called spices weigh in gold. Dandelion, comfrey, foxglove, poppy, milk thistle, nettle and many others, have been well studied and established as studied medicinal properties possessed by some competitors in the pharmaceutical industry. Many, in fact, are the basis of ce drugs.

Researchers at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kev, west London, are currently conducting research on the properties of natural herbs such as dandelion, which are believed to be the lifeblood of the drug. …

Early tests showed it was crucial in preventing carcinoid tumors, from which tens of thousands die each year.

Their work on the anti-cancer properties of chicory, as well as a brief history of its use in the treatment of acne, is part of a much larger project to study the natural inal medicinal properties of dandruff. British Classifications of Plants and Flowers.

Professor Monique Symonds, team deputy leader for the sustainable use of plants in the queue, said: “We do not randomly evaluate plants for their potential properties and medicinal properties, and our company believes that the flowers we know have long been used for the care of specific plant species.

“We researched them to find out what are the active compounds that can treat this condition.”

Unfortunately, as it turns out, most professionals seem to be looking for materials that can be synthesized and then turned into drugs. In general, herbs are not used that way, and their function inevitably changes when the active ingredients are used alone. Like you said the only important part of a car or truck is the engine – there is nothing more to tune …

Why is it so important to isolate “active ingredients”?

As a scientist, I can identify the need for a clinical process to develop the fact that a particular natural plant works for a particular disease, pathogen, or whatever, as well as the need to know why and how it occurs.

But, and this is a great thing, but as a physician of Chinese medicine, I understand the process of selecting and prescribing herbal combinations that have a synergistic effect to treat any underlying disease, not just the condition. A guy with her. Infection is a big difference and is not easily verifiable using standard medical methods.

Organic vegetables. Farmers hands with herbs. Fresh organic herbs. Best Natural Herbs as medications

The use of narrative evidence, which seems to have a history of many millennia, seems to have escaped together with my esteemed colleagues. Instead of trying to isolate the active ingredients, try these natural herbs using the expertise of herbalists in vivo patients using the many methods available to researchers and medical diagnostics., Patients who inhale su instead of test tube or on rats and laboratory mice (moreover, they are not human, now have a substitute, but some are perfectly comparable, physically ours …).

Cement pharmaceutical companies are not really interested in the results associated with joint inal herbal flowers, but we believe in the list of reasons why they do not perform the above procedure on whether they can isolate the therapeutic substance. Then it can be produced as a new product and sold cheaply – and in fact, where there is money it …

The point of this approach is that herbs such as camphor and dandelion, along with other natural herbs, often contain hundreds, if not all, of the chemical compounds that have not yet been studied and synthesized. Synthetic preparations called active ingredients usually do not work and do not create side effects.

Aspirin is an old example in this regard. Salicylic acid may be the active ingredient in aspirin tablets and was first removed from the white willow bark. It is a relatively simple substance that can be made synthetically, but aspirin is known for its ability to cause abdominal discomfort and, in some cases, ulceration of the abdominal wall.

Organic white willow bark extract does not upset the stomach due to the presence in the bark of other substances commonly known as “inactive substances”, which protect the lining of the stomach and prevent ulcers. To the stomach wall.

Think about what we choose – are there any side effects or side effects? – This is a very simple answer. Huh?

Best Natural Herbs as medications
Hands tying fresh rosemary Best Natural Herbs as medications

So why can’t we add herbal supplements, and why do they fill our necks with pharmaceutical scammers? The answer is that for companies, the benefits from natural herbs are small. Namely, the herbs are fully grown, easily developed, easily multiplied and most of the components are available for free.

In addition, properly prescribed and formulated herbal remedies usually solve the patient’s health problems for a period of time, with no conditions for continued use of the drug – i.e. no repeated sales. … No permanent prescription … No permanent problem

On the other hand, medicines are mainly aimed at relieving symptoms, namely: consistent advice, consistent sales of products, consistent health issues – what do you think is a good deal …?

Don’t get me wrong, this means that not all drugs are counterfeit or any of them are related to drugs or disease-curing diseases – they are, and some are undoubtedly important drugs that cannot be replaced. However, natural ingredients are just as effective, but they are not advertised because they offer less benefit.

The daily news is full of herbal “discoveries” that are shown in a typical example of a dandelion and its potential anti-cancer properties, as a potential cure for one or the other. The main thing is that these herbs need to be properly researched. They are not just “active ingredient”. Usually, they contain large amounts of ingredients and if you take some of them one by one the herbs will not work.

In addition, herbs are recommended for individual use of organic matter (formulation using a single plant). Herbs usually combine several medicinal flowers to create a therapeutic blend that is more than just the main properties.

In Chinese medicine, for example, there is a strict hierarchy in almost every prescription, which requires considerable knowledge and experience with regard to physicians. The fact that the base spice or concept contains ingredients that have a specific physical effect does not mean that the plan does not require the use of one of the other natural herbs. The industry seems to be ignoring the drug industry as it wants to make new drugs to control the disease.

Knowing that plants are very effective and that these flowers are crucial for many diseases, they are inexpensive and have proven their value many times over thousands of years, so why are herbs not at the forefront of healing medicine? And considered by many medical professionals. Orthodox and pharmaceutical companies deceived …. countries.

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