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Generating basic malnutrition children

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Generating basic malnutrition children

According to a new study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, malnourished children develop aggressive behavioral and behavioral disorders as they age. This study examined children between the ages of 8 and 17 and found some statistics that affect their behavior.

Aggression increased by 41% by age 8 in children with certain malnutrition. By age 17, they showed a 51% increase in violent and anti-social behavior. So, the only difference is your diet. It definitely comes down to the food you eat and the nutrients you lose.

Are there any nutrients in your diet? The four nutrients that were mainly tested in the study were: zinc, iron, B vitamins and protein. Malnourished children do not get important minerals like zinc and iron and do not have the B nutrients needed to develop a healthy nervous system. Strong nervous system for mental and emotional health and safety.

Now, let’s talk in less detail about these nutrients and explore why such nutritional deficiencies are so common. Zinc is probably the most common malnutrition in the American population. It has been reported that more than 80% of the population suffers from zinc deficiency.

Because of this defect, the human immune system is weakened, which may prevent flu-like infections, its wounds may not heal quickly, and surgical procedures may not heal quickly. Zinc as much as possible for me. It also affects fetal development in pregnant women and affects neurological function.

However, zinc is cheap! It only takes a few days to replace our diet with zinc. In fact, it is one of the most expensive nutrients. However, there are still widespread chronic deficiencies in our country. So when we look at similar studies, our zinc deficiency leads, we think they are cruel criminals.

malnutrition children

So why are there so many criminals in this country? As many of them grow up with nutritional imbalances, it can distort their mood, their response to stress and their ability to function in modern culture. At least these are the main causal factors.

Nationally and globally, it is actually lowering the B vitamins in the body, while at the same time we do not have B vitamins because there are many popular foods sold in grocery stores. The two most common ingredients in our diet are white powdered sugar.

It is very difficult to get any product from the grocery store, it is not made with sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose or dextrose flour or any kind of sugar. Both substances are highly purified substances and remove nutrients from the physical body of the people who consume them.

These donuts contain both white flour and extra sugar, which lowers B vitamins in the body, for example, when a person eats a donut. Anti-social behavior leads to these misbehaviors and, ultimately, to illegal behavior, especially in men.

Another nutrient in these behavioral disorders is the lack of good quality protein. They believe that the only place people eat protein is beef and red meat, in fact, superfoods like spirulina provide high-quality protein. Rice and soy protein are also high-quality proteins.

Of course, there are many plant proteins that are healthy for humans, but the American population does not consume enough. People control meat and milk and if you want to maintain your health in the long run they are the worst sources of protein.

We know we have a population that suffers from general malnutrition, and much more. The thing that surprises you, however, is how we really deal with these errors. Instead of spending a few dollars a month on nutrients to prevent this chronic disease and aggressive behavior, we spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year building new prisons and treating these people with expensive and mind-altering drugs. .

The foods they need to stay healthy can prevent these diseases and disorders. When it comes to children, we dose them with retalin, antidepressants and other brain-changing drugs, for example, rather than giving them. Dear. Violent behavior and the general threat of suicide at the same time can affect a child’s ability to learn.

Malnutrition children

Here we are suffering from malnutrition, especially B vitamins, which can make children aggressive and suffer with ADHD. The solution offered by the traditional medicine is an overdose of antidepressant medication, which promotes better behavior, which we observed in a recent college offense.

What kind of solution is this? It sounds silly, but it is a solution that is being implemented all day across the country. Maybe even with your son. But these children do not need medication. They need vitamins, nutrition and a healthy diet.

But even three times a day, if you go to the supermarket and eat fruits and vegetables, you will not get enough nutrients. To find yourself, do the calculation. The United States adds recommended daily allowances (RDAs) to all labels of foods you eat and finds that they meet minimum requirements.

The government says you should eat an average of 10,000 calories a day when eating at the grocery store to prevent chronic diseases. If they are healthy adults, in terms of weight, it is 500% more than a person needs. It is impossible to eat no matter how hard you try. “Super Size Me” documentary author Morgan Spurlock has not eaten in 30 days except McDonald’s.

He was replaced three times with the McDonald’s Diet and was able to eat only 5,000 calories a day. To eat 10,000 calories a day, you need to double the fact that the amazing Spurlock. Only then can you meet the minimum nutritional requirements.

However, these minimum requirements are not enough to take care of your health, all you have to do is avoid the most obvious nutritional deficiencies like beriberi, scurvy or rickets. If you want perfect health, you should definitely eat natural ingredients or eat chlorella or spirulina, sprouts, fruits and the best dish or raw berries. This is the only way to get enough nutrition.

As we did in this study, a significant portion of our children clearly do not receive this nutrition. In general, we are raising another generation of children with behavioral, violent and institutional disorders.

Most importantly, we will raise awareness of tomorrow’s criminals. I’m in federal prisons, I want to pay you and our taxpayers in dollars. We support them and spend all the money to help the prisoners.

Not only do they produce such things, they do not pay taxes and they do not play a role in the income needed to help society. They perceive the yield of culture by spending an average of 60 to 60 thousand prisoners. Without new learning skills, they will be lost and may one day help you get back into the culture.

Now think a little. The money we have can be invested in our children for a few months and provide them with nutrients that are far from everything.

Choice: Spend a few dollars a month feeding our children or become a total problem, build more prisons to help them in our federal prison system and invest tens of thousands every year. .

Which option makes the most sense? If you had a country and wanted to decide where to spend the money, would it make more sense and where? Should I spend $ 2 a month on nutrients for babies and pregnant women, or should I spend $ 60,000 a year on something illegal with health issues?

What is the obvious answer here? It’s easy. Health supplements should be available free of charge to the entire population.

The government (actually taxpayers) should provide vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients free of charge to the population, especially pregnant women and children, so that people can avoid birth defects and behavioral disorders in a timely manner. We can save your own dollars in many ways. This is what I put on the market all my time.

But it is clear that nothing is free. US taxpayers get into the bill, but it is a wise investment. By spending a few dollars on disease prevention today, we avoid further earning costs by caring for a society full of criminals.

Nutrition is an excellent investment, and disease prevention is a great reward to society. I pay special attention to these studies and I have found ways to provide better nutrition for our future children and mothers and the general population before problems in society are prevented from these diseases.

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